Printed with Soy Ink

Created With Conscience

Soy Ink Certification

For over a decade, Warneke Paper Box has been certified to print with soy inks and use the official logo created by the American Soybean Association. Soy ink is a kind of ink made from soybeans which are a 100% renewable resource. To make soy ink, soybean oil is slightly refined and then blended with pigments, resins and waxes.

There are many environmental benefits to using soy inks. Soy inks are low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and their usage can help reduce emissions causing air pollution. As soybeans are growing they temporarily remove damaging carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Soy ink is also a helpful component in paper recycling because the soy ink can be removed more easily than regular ink from paper during the de-inking process.