Coating Effects

Created With Luster

Warneke Paper Box provides several different types of coating effects to help your package stand out and to provide protection


This is an industry standard coating used frequently on packaging to protect the ink and also to prevent scuffing.

UV (Ultraviolet)

A type of coating that is cured with an ultraviolet light. This coating helps prevent against scratching. It is waterproof and will make your colors stand out.

UV Strikethrough

UV can be applied on spot locations of the paper. This coating application can deepen the color of a specific location or pattern. With the rest of the sheet flooded with a dull varnish, your UV strikethrough locations will stand out and create an eye-catching effect.

Soft Touch

This coating creates a soft, velvet-like feel to your package. This gives your final product a rich matte appearance. This can be combined with a UV strikethrough effect.

There are several types of other specialty coatings that Warneke offers to accentuate your design – please ask your salesperson for further details.