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Warneke’s die-cutting system improves accuracy, lowers costs, and saves time


[2] Bobst ExpertCut 106 3.0 30”x 41.73”

Versatile • Precise • Powerful: “A machine which offers unrivalled versatility, superb productivity, easy operation and unbeatable product quality, giving you a real competitive advantage. A more flexible, precise and powerful register system and full sheet delivery make this an even better EXPERTCUT. Fast and flexible: Cutting, stripping, blanking in one go for up to 9,000 sheets/hour. Synchronized feeder and register provide extremely accurate non-stop feeding. High flexibility for short runs, non-stop production for long runs. Superb blanks ready for the next step: Stunning blank quality, even with lightest materials. Full sheet delivery and automatic sheet inserter, delivering perfect blank piles. Cost-effective ergonomics: High automation for minimal operator intervention and maximum uptime. Easy accessibility, rapid setting and fast changeovers for even more production time.”

Bobst Spanthera SP106LE 30”x 41”

High speed (9,000 sheets per hour) die-cutter with optical register and stripping.

Bobst SP106PER 30”x 41”

High speed diecutter with optical register, automatic stripping and blanking.
Delivers 9,000 sheets/hr.

Brausse 40”


Saroglia 20”x 28”

Die-cutter with foil stamping and embossing capabilities.

Brausse 21”x 29”

Die-cutter with foil stamping and embossing capabilities.

Thomson 28”x 41”


Kraft, Kraft Paper, Die-Cuts, Windows, WPB, Warneke Paper Box

Sprintera 106-PER, Sprintera, 106-PER, WPB, Warneke, Warneke Paper Box, Die-Cutter, Die-Cutting