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Warneke’s die-cutting system improves accuracy, lowers costs, and saves time


Bobst Sprintera SP106PER 30”x 41”

High-speed die-cutter features automatic loading, optical register, stripping and blanking and delivers at the rate of 12,000 sheets per hour. Bobst is the leader in the industry. There’s nothing faster, nor more accurate, than their Sprintera which first appeared in the U.S.A at Warneke Paper Box.

Bobst Spanthera SP106LE 30”x 41”

High speed (9,000 sheets per hour) die-cutter with optical register and stripping.

Bobst SP106PER 30”x 41”

High speed diecutter with optical register, automatic stripping and blanking. Delivers 9,000 sheets/hr.

Brausse 40”


Saroglia 20”x 28”

Die-cutter with foil stamping and embossing capabilities.

Brausse 21”x 29”

Die-cutter with foil stamping and embossing capabilities.

Thomson 28”x 41”


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